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Nouvelle chanson sur les JO : Feels like 1936 again.

Site officiel : http://www.1936again.com/

The Olympic Spirit hangs its head in shame
When police states are allowed to host the games
Like Germany when Hitler reigned supreme
Seeking glory for his murderous regime

Now China wants to shine upon that stage
East and West are eager to engage
But human rights the CCP disdains
Feels like 1936 again.

Can you hold an international track meet
When you got a labor camp right down the street?
Can you sponsor the Olympics in 08
When you still imprison people for their faith?

The CCP will change what can be seen
They’ll even paint the grass and mountains green
But their evil nature always will remain
Feels like 1936 again.

They torture people seven days a week
The shock batons are sizzling as we speak
They harvest organs from the Falun Gong
Then cremate them to hide what’s going on.

Put me on your blacklist I don’t care
I hope the people boycott this affair
The stench of genocide is in the wind
Feels like 1936 again.

Reports about the slaughter of the Jews
Quite often didn’t even make the news
The world still seems to have a tendency
To ignore big crimes against humanity

When virtue comes in second place to trade
Freedom, hope and justice start to fade
The Olympic flame is flickering and dim
Feels like 1936 again


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Mon pote blogger le Joyeux démissionnaire et son groupe les Cinnamon Buns ont produit une chanson à l’occasion des Jeux de Pékin. Voici le lien pour écouter (oreilles sensibles abstention. Individus communisto-fascistes : c’est dans vos dents). http://www.lescinnamonbuns.com/mp3player/

Voici les paroles de la chanson :

Pékin 2008

Célébration de crime de guerre…
Célébration de génocide…
Voici Pékin 2008 !!

Le décompte est commencé
Le grand dragon peut s’envoler
Qu’on en finisse avec tous ceux
Qui se nourrissent de Lao-Tseu

Que les lanternes s’éveillent
Pour nous brillera le Grand Soleil
A tous les membres communistes :
« Finissons-en qu’on en finisse !! »

On ferme les yeux, on ferme les yeux…
On garde ses œufs, on garde ses œufs
De toute façon le siècle prochain
Sera chinois ou n’sera point

C’est de Lhassa à Tienanmen
Que se déroule le tapis rouge
Et en avant, il faut que ça saigne !
Et en avant, il faut que ça bouge !

Arriveront bien par milliers
Les délégués du statut quo
Les complices comme les alliés
De Hu Jintao, fils de Mao !


Et à toi qui prône la vérité
La tolérance, la compassion
Et dont la vie s’est terminée
Dans un camp de concentration

Quelques excuses posthumes
Te parviendront peut-être
Le temps que se consume
Notre envie de faire la fête

D’ici là… Soyons les putes de la Chine.

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Vidéoclip de la chanson Set Them Free, de Randall Effner.

Paroles :

I hear the chimes of freedom ring again
I heard them once before when they were blowin’ in the wind
The Chinese people walk in chains, they’re longing to be free
It’s time to tell the world the truth about the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)

I’d like to paint a picture in this song,
About what it’s like in China if you practice Falun Gong,
Or if you are a Christian or you’re for democracy
They’ll put you in a prison cell and throw away the key.

Set them free! set them free! set them free! set them free!
Set them free! set them free! set them free! set them free!

The labor camps are like a living hell
Where you’re beaten, starved and brainwashed and there’s
nowhere to appeal
There is no law or justice, there is just the CCP
Who hide their evil deeds behind a cloak of secrecy.

The free world should stand up for liberty
But now we sell out human rights to buy a cheap TV,
We see slavery and torture and we turn our head aside
I’d rather spend a little more than pay for genocide.

The world will not forget the Berlin Wall
And how the people danced with joy, just to see it fall
The Chinese leaders shake with fear remembering
that day
They know their time is almost up and soon they’ll
have to pay.

The blood red dragon can no longer fly
Nine swords have pierced its armor and it looks
about to die
Now millions of its members have renounced it publicly
The world will be a better place without the CCP.

Plus sur ce site : www.justicewillprevail.com

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